Planning Team

When a client hires our media planning services, they know that we will not be providing a mere site list with budgets. At Signpost a media plan is at the zenith. At the bottom of which lies a complete understanding of advertising and media objectives and thereby setting the outdoor objective. It’s the knowledge on who and how will we reach the message, and a clear idea on which geographies, locations and media vehicles would help achieve the desired results. It doesn’t end with that. We generate multiple potential plans which are combinations of various scheduling; media assembles and Balance of Reach and Frequency.
Our job as a media specialist is to ensure that our client’s precious money is not wasted. We achieve that by evaluating the media plan before it gets executed, and also after its up and running. For us nothing is sacrosanct. To set the process it has taken years of effort and massive investments in research and developing and buying tools.


Execution Team

Our network of our 6 offices, will ensure the timeliness and quality will never be taken for granted. The team is ably backed by technical teams of architects, engineers, and also a chain of quality printers, fabricators and installers. Our execution team is an important cog in the wheel. Their zeal and energy helps us in delivering on-time and quality execution, no matter the scale and depth of the campaign.


Monitoring Team

To overcome the uncertainty which is a dreaded in this industry, we have a wide on-ground force that conducts regular checks on installations and quality maintenance.



In outdoor there is no content attached. You cannot see a program nor read a story or news, therefore the creative and the communication itself has to be strong enough to grab all the necessary attention.